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Programmatic 101


The Art and The Science of Cross-Device Targeting Voice-activated speakers, smart watches, connected TVs, tablets, and cell phones: With more devices than ever with which to reach consumers, why do [...]

Programmatic 1012022-05-19T14:00:31-04:00

Customer Experiences with Advertising Automation


Creating Personalized Customer Experiences with Advertising Automation “Give consumers a thoughtful, tailored advertising experience and they will buy more, become more loyal, and share their positive engagement with others.” In [...]

Customer Experiences with Advertising Automation2022-05-19T13:47:17-04:00

What to look for in a technical SEO audit


These technical optimizations will become the key differentiating factors for ranking better than your competitors.   According to Techradar, there are more than 547,200 new websites every day. Google has to [...]

What to look for in a technical SEO audit2022-05-19T12:50:49-04:00

Why Contextual Targeting is Having a Moment


  The forthcoming “cookie-pocalypse” threatens to wreak havoc across the advertising industry, and many marketers are responding like birds: either running around in panic like chickens, or pretending the crisis [...]

Why Contextual Targeting is Having a Moment2022-05-05T15:17:07-04:00

How To Succeed in a Privacy-First Future


5 Recommendations on How Marketers Can Succeed in a Privacy-First Future According to a recent Pew Research survey, 81% of Americans think the potential risks of consumer data collection by [...]

How To Succeed in a Privacy-First Future2022-05-05T15:10:11-04:00

Gen Z and the Future of Digital Advertising


It’s the question that will drive the next 15-20 years of advertising: “how do we reach Gen Z?” Generation Z—or those born between 1997 and 2012—has arrived on the scene, [...]

Gen Z and the Future of Digital Advertising2022-05-05T15:05:08-04:00

Connected TV Advertising:


  Best Practices for Planning, Targeting, and Measuring How many streaming services does your household have access to? Maybe you pay for Amazon Prime and Netflix, but you use a [...]

Connected TV Advertising:2022-05-05T15:22:22-04:00

2022 Digital Trends | Education


  Additional 2022 Digital Trend Categories 2022 Digital Trends Restaurants 2022 Digital Trends Home Improvement 2022 Digital Trends Main  2022 Digital Trends Banking and Financial https://www.themediabeast.com/2022-digital-trends-banks-financial-services/ https://www.themediabeast.com/2022-digital-insights-restaurants/ https://www.themediabeast.com/digital-2022-early-insights-home-improvement-contractors/ https://www.themediabeast.com/2022-early-digital-sales-trends/ https://www.themediabeast.com/2022-digital-trends-education/

2022 Digital Trends | Education2022-05-05T14:20:37-04:00
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