Google’s three new features should help advertisers using CTV reach and measure the right audiences

Google is adding three new options for brands advertising on CTV.

Audience guarantees based on Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings (DAR). The Nielsen DAR is used to understand how many unique viewers CTV and video ad buyers reach within their core audiences and prove campaign impact across digital media platforms. Google is releasing Nielsen audience guarantees to make it easier to plan and measure CTV, Display, and Video 360.

When advertisers are setting up their guaranteed deal, they can select specific ages and demographics and pay only for the ad impressions that reach their target audience as measured by Nielsen DAR.

Advanced Programmatic Guaranteed. Google audiences for Programmatic Guaranteed will now be available across Google Ad Manager, Xandr and Magnite. Google said they hope to add more soon.

Google has already expanded reach capabilities with Google audiences on CTV campaigns when bidding on open auction inventory. With the new update, you can also use affinity, in-market and demo segments while buying Programmatic Guaranteed deals across a variety of participating publishers, which should give advertisers additional flexibility in audience strategies for CTV.

Google is also aware of frequency capping and once your campaign frequency goal is reached for certain users, whether via open auction, Programmatic Guaranteed, or a combination of the two, Display & Video 360 will stop showing ads to those users.

Consolidated CTV workflow across YouTube and other CTV apps. Google is implementing a consolidated workflow to help advertisers plan, manage, and measure performance across YouTube and CTV inventory. Google is also allowing YouTube ads to be purchased within Display & Video 360’s insertion order dedicated to connected TV ad buying.

Having YouTube and CTV inventory side-by-side makes it easier to optimize for common goals, Google said.

Google brings Display and Video 360 to CTV. At Google Marketing Live in May, Google announced they were introducing audiences for CTV inventory in Display & Video 360, which display ads across Hulu, Peacock, YouTube and most other ad-supported CTV apps.

“We’re committed to helping you deliver high quality ad experiences to all streamers by bringing the best of digital ad technology to the TV screen. One of the most effective digital strategies is creating relevant connections with your core audience. So we’re introducing Google audiences for CTV inventory in Display & Video 360, which will work across Hulu, Peacock, YouTube and most other ad-supported CTV apps,” writes Jake Jolly, Senior Product Manager, Display & Video 360.

Why we care. Expanding audience reach, limiting frequency and creating a consolidated workflow are positive updates to Google’s effort to expand into connected TV. If your brand is using Display or Video 360 to advertise on connected TV, take advantage of these new features to expand your reach, test new audiences and measure your CTV ad efforts with the Nielsen DAR.