[image_circle_1 link=”http://premiumcoding.com” image=”https://www.themediabeast.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Me-profile.jpeg” border_color_1=”#000″ border_color_2=”#0915f0″ title=”Matt Nelson” ]President[/image_circle_1]  [accordion] [atab title=”Matt Nelson, President”]As a Business Owner myself, my company helps clients incorporate Digital and Mobile Media into their marketing plans, helping them evolve with a rapidly advancing environment and serve as their Mobile/Digital Ad Agency.[/atab] [atab title=”Specialty”]17 Year Media Veteran, experienced with Radio, Online, Mobile, Print, Broadcast, Web 2.0, SEM/SEO and Social Media[/atab] [atab title=”Focus on Conversions”]Very Focused on Client Driven Results & Expectations from an advanced training platform that I’ve incorporated into my own selling, managing, and teaching experiences[/atab] [/accordion]

[break_line border_color=”#f21616″ /] [image_circle_1 link=”http://premiumcoding.com” image=”https://www.themediabeast.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/37124109337e89eec21f74e87294b03c30a81cfc.jpg” border_color_1=”#000″ border_color_2=”#0915f0″ title=”Martha Whittier” ]Operations Manager[/image_circle_1][accordion] [atab title=”Martha Whittier, Operations Manager”]Operations Manager and Premium Responsive WordPress Designer[/atab] [atab title=”Specialty”]Bringing to life the vision of beautiful, responsive websites designed for conversions and functionality. [/atab] [atab title=”Creative Minded”]We live & breathe creativity, and we are committed to meeting your company’s needs. We make sure your website is an extension of your sales team and sales force![/atab] [/accordion][break_line border_color=”#f21616″ /] [image_circle_1 link=”http://premiumcoding.com” image=”https://www.themediabeast.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/sghjgh.png” border_color_1=”#000″ border_color_2=”#0915f0″ title=”Liza Miranda” ]Executive Assistant[/image_circle_1][accordion] [atab title=”Liza Miranda, Executive Assistant”]Liza Miranda was born and raised in Lawrence, Ma. She has a background that consists of marketing (online and offline). She’s been featured in the Tampa Bay Business Journal, she’s attended numerous trade shows and expos, and has always envisioned herself being an executive assistant. [/atab] [atab title=”Specialty”]Remaining detail oriented, with the entire company’s success in mind.[/atab] [atab title=”Focus”]Coming up with creative and efficient ideas, to ensure that the President is not only stress-free, but that the company can run as systematic as possible. [/atab] [/accordion][break_line border_color=”#f21616″ /][image_circle_1 link=”http://premiumcoding.com” image=”https://www.themediabeast.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/LindsayHorethHeadshot.png” border_color_1=”#000″ border_color_2=”#0915f0″ title=”Lindsay Horeth” ]Account Manager[/image_circle_1][accordion] [atab title=”Lindsay Horeth, Account Manager”]Lindsay graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a BS in Business Administration. She believes actions speak louder than words and always strives to produce tangible results. She values transparency and hard work and always tries to go above and beyond for your business. [/atab] [atab title=”Analytically Driven”]Becoming Google Analytics Certified has given Lindsay the ability to analyze your business’s success through hardcore data. She not only looks at who is coming to your site, but more importantly who is becoming a client. She can then capitalize on those conversion paths.  [/atab] [atab title=”Specialty”]Lindsay combines customer service with transparent weekly reporting. She cares about the needs of your business and is honest in her efforts to help your business excel! With weekly reporting you won’t skip a beat with your marketing efforts.[/atab] [/accordion][break_line border_color=”#f21616″ /] [image_circle_1 link=”http://premiumcoding.com” image=”https://themediabeast.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/IMG_9945.png” border_color_1=”#000″ border_color_2=”#0915f0″ title=”Samantha Leppla” ]Account Manager[/image_circle_1][accordion][atab title=”Samantha Leppla, Account Manager”] A proud Alumna of the University of South Florida, Samantha graduated with a BA in Communication. It was while attending USF that Samantha found her passion for marketing. Samantha offers an outstanding ability to build productive relationships with colleagues and clients; as well as dedication, enthusiasm and creative thinking. [/atab] [atab title=”Commitment”]

She believes that hard-work always pays off and punctuality is a must in and out of the work place.

[/atab] [atab title=”Personable”]Samantha takes pride in the relationships that she carries with her clients. She keeps it professional but also encourages there to be a relationship with the client that feels personable and comfortable. [/atab] [/accordion] [break_line border_color=”#f21616″ /]

[image_circle_1 link=”http://premiumcoding.com” image=”https://www.themediabeast.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/2016-04-04_10.13.51.gif” border_color_1=”#000″ border_color_2=”#0915f0″ title=”Lauri Rodriguez” ]Social Media Account Manager[/image_circle_1][accordion] [atab title=”Lauri Rodriguez, Social Media Account Manager”]Lauri was born in New York and raised in Boston. Attended Northern Essex Community College and studied Criminal Justice. [/atab] [atab title=”Specialty”] I don’t believe in waiting. I believe you must go out in to the world and get what’s yours. Being a Social Media Account Manager I believe I’m doing just that. Through creativity and informative blogs -creating traffic and locking in clients is my ultimate goal![/atab] [atab title=”Client Focused”]Very customer service oriented and driven by positive results. I believe in going the extra mile for all clients. Firm believer that you get what you pay for and will make sure clients get the results they need! [/atab] [/accordion][break_line border_color=”#f21616″ /][image_circle_1 link=”http://premiumcoding.com” image=”https://www.themediabeast.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/tally.jpg” border_color_1=”#000″ border_color_2=”#0915f0″ title=”Tally Nelson” ]Social Media Account Manager[/image_circle_1][accordion] [atab title=”Tally Nelson, Social Media Account Manager”]Tally graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelors in Science.  Tally has 10 years of Marketing and Advertising experience, working on both sides of the field; as an Account Executive “selling” media, and as a Director of Sales “buying” media.  Tally sees the value in telling a story through analytics, and creating solutions in order to help businesses grow. [/atab] [atab title=”Specialty”]Original minded, constantly changing direction keeping the audience engaged and motivated. [/atab] [atab title=”Focus on the Audience”]As an on-air radio personality, always keeping in touch with the audience and creating engagement.[/atab] [/accordion]