Results aren’t automated, they’re created.

Know What Converts

The Conversion Framework is built around seven principles:

  • Knowing Your U.S.P. (Unique Selling Proposition)

  • Understanding Your Current Customer Habits

  • Strong Incentives

  • High User Engagement

  • Proper Goal & Event Setup

  • Knowing the buying stage of visitors on your site

  • Strong Call To Action


Online marketing is more than just having a nice website. It is set of strategies that are designed to bring people to your website and convert them to customers. Millions of people are using the Internet each today to search for things they need. People in your community are searching for the products and services you provide. Internet marketing makes sure that when someone types a keyword into a search engine that is relevant to your business, your website appears at the top of the search results.


Organic traffic: Organic traffic refers to visitors clicking through to your website after searching for a keyword you’re currently ranking for. Upon searching for that term on a search engine like Google or Bing, users who click upon a link that shows up on that search engine result page (and is not a paid ad), then link to your website are considered “organic traffic.

Lead: The term “lead” actually means three different things: sales qualified leads, marketing qualified leads, and plain old leads, who may be someone who’s filled out a non-specific form on your website a while back, but hasn’t been very active recently. For our purposes, a lead is anyone who has provided at least their email address on a website form.

Conversion Rate: here, we’re going to focus on visit-to-lead conversion rate, or the percentage of website visitors who fill out a form and convert into, or become, a lead


The MediaBeast Marketing Group brings over 20 years of marketing and advertising experience to our clients.  We are a data-driven agency that sees the power in the numbers.  From analytics to lead generation, there is always a story behind the numbers.  We thoroughly investigate and audit each businesses’ raw data and web presence.  It’s our mission to shed light on the facts and develop a strategy that drives higher conversions. 






20 Year Media Veteran experienced in traditional and digital


20 Year Media Veteran, experienced with Radio, Online, Mobile, Print, Broadcast, SEM/SEO and Overall Lead Generation


We do more than read dashboards and report metrics to our clients

True Digital Consultants

We learn customers’ online behavior, making weekly/monthly recommendations to improve revenue and ROI.


MMG is apart of select group of digital agencies to partner with Google


Being a Google Partner means that MMG can assist you with AdWords campaigns, keyword strategy, and advertising budget decisions.

Featured Services

Paid Digital Strategies  

We offer a full suite of digital products with a focus on conversion.  If you’re not actually turning lookers into buyers at a high rate, what are you advertising for? Conversion rate optimization enables you to maximize every cent of your ad spend by finding that sweet spot that convinces the maximum percentage of your prospects to take action. 

Web Optimization 

Conversions should be a key element in your paid search strategy, but what about all of the traffic and visitors you are getting organically?   Our Search Engine Optimization services enable you to maximize every organic visit finding that sweet spot that convinces the maximum percentage of your prospects to take action.

Consulting & Strategy

The digital world is a Beast.  And it takes experience, knowledge, and a high regard for doing business the right way to know how to tame the internet.  There are a lot of “advertising companies” who are only concerned with getting a dollar.  We are concerned with getting results.   Using a loaded arsenal of knowledge, resources, and products we strive to develop the best marketing strategy for you and your business. 


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