Connected TV Advertising:


  Best Practices for Planning, Targeting, and Measuring How many streaming services does your household have access to? Maybe you pay for Amazon Prime and Netflix, but you use a [...]

Connected TV Advertising:2022-05-05T15:22:22-04:00

Programmatic is changing


Here’ are 5 ways you can prepare in 2022 for the programmatic shift With all screens now seemingly bought programmatically, and with the impending cookie-apocalypse (finally/maybe on the horizon [...]

Programmatic is changing2022-02-08T16:34:28-05:00

The Four Data Sets You’ll Need


"On TV And Video" is a column exploring opportunities and challenges in advanced TV and video. Today’s column is written by Jane Clarke, managing director and CEO at the Coalition [...]

The Four Data Sets You’ll Need2021-12-22T14:43:19-05:00

What Marketing Spend—and Opportunity—Looks Like in 2021


With Google and Facebook changes in the horizon For nearly 15 years, marketers have become accustomed to 1:1 targeting in digital. From Tacoda and the first behavioral ad networks to today’s complex [...]

What Marketing Spend—and Opportunity—Looks Like in 20212021-01-19T11:24:06-05:00
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