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Programmatic 101


The Art and The Science of Cross-Device Targeting Voice-activated speakers, smart watches, connected TVs, tablets, and cell phones: With more devices than ever with which to reach consumers, why do [...]

Programmatic 1012022-05-19T14:00:31-04:00

Customer Experiences with Advertising Automation


Creating Personalized Customer Experiences with Advertising Automation “Give consumers a thoughtful, tailored advertising experience and they will buy more, become more loyal, and share their positive engagement with others.” In [...]

Customer Experiences with Advertising Automation2022-05-19T13:47:17-04:00

Why Contextual Targeting is Having a Moment


  The forthcoming “cookie-pocalypse” threatens to wreak havoc across the advertising industry, and many marketers are responding like birds: either running around in panic like chickens, or pretending the crisis [...]

Why Contextual Targeting is Having a Moment2022-05-05T15:17:07-04:00

Connected TV Advertising:


  Best Practices for Planning, Targeting, and Measuring How many streaming services does your household have access to? Maybe you pay for Amazon Prime and Netflix, but you use a [...]

Connected TV Advertising:2022-05-05T15:22:22-04:00

2022 Digital Trends | Education


  Additional 2022 Digital Trend Categories 2022 Digital Trends Restaurants 2022 Digital Trends Home Improvement 2022 Digital Trends Main  2022 Digital Trends Banking and Financial

2022 Digital Trends | Education2022-05-05T14:20:37-04:00
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