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What’s The Difference? And How Do They Work Together?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Management (SEM)

Organic Results Paid Ads
Long Term Strategy Immediate Gratification
KPIs: Keyword Rankings & Organic Traffic KPIs: Conversions & Cost Per Lead
Represents majority of the traffic to website Bonus Impressions: Only pay when someone clicks your AD
Google Revenue:  $0 Google Revenue:  +72% (Over $162 billion in 2022)


“Foot in the Door Audit”

SEO Audit

This report provides a strong overview of the website health and SEO performance indicators. It is a great tool to identify a few opportunities to start the conversation with your prospect about SEO and website management.

**This report is not intended to be sent to prospects.**

Start audit

Website Analysis

Visit the prospect’s website – Test for 3 C’s:

Clarity: Are the client’s offers, services, and products clear to your target audience?

Communication: Is there a clear way for visitors to contact the client?

Call to Action: What does the client want users to do next? (ex: Request a Quote)

Google Search

Do a few searches on Google for non-branded keywords related to the products or services the prospect offers.

Do They Show Up?

Check Paid Search Ads, Map Listing, and Organic Results (Top 10)


MediaBeast Rate Card (SEO & SEM)

SEO + SEM Onboarding Training

SEO CNA Questions

SEO Plans & Pricing

Proposal Template

Google Analytics Access Guide

8 Reasons SEO Helps Your Business

Best Industries For SEO & SEM


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Post Campaign information

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SEO Onboarding

SEM Onboarding

SEO & SEM Reporting

  • SEO Monthly Reporting

Our comprehensive monthly SEO reporting outlines all of the key elements that make up your client’s SEO performance;

such as website health, keyword tracking, website visibility, on-page SEO analysis, competitive tracking, and more.

  • SEM Weekly/Monthly Reporting

Our weekly & monthly SEM reporting outlines all of the KPIs for your SEM Campaigns: conversions, conv. rate, cost per conv., spend, etc.

Performance data is available for campaigns, ad groups, keywords (including search terms), conversion actions, locations, and more.