The MediaBeast Marketing Group Announces Upgraded/Expanded Web Presence Options:

As a digital agency, knowing the “right” keywords for clients to rank for has become even more paramount in the overall budgeting process for any business.  Instead of attempting to rank for keywords we “think” or “want to believe” are the keywords we “should rank for”, our firm discovers the keywords that “convert” into “conversions” (phone calls, form submissions, emails, and live chat leads).  Once discovered, our team focuses our SEO efforts on targeting the keywords that actually lead to our clients “conversions”.

Therefore keyword selection is now critical to have the top 3-5 MAIN keywords that are bringing in the conversions (or leads), which is why our firm helps clients know and discover what keywords actually dive 80% of all of the leads coming into the business.   Selecting the right Web Presence Plan for your business is equally important for any company’s growth.  Our team will help you select the best plan that helps your company drive into 2017 with the top keywords to help your business grow faster, stronger, and typically, while spending less money overall due to not wasting effort on non-converting keywords.

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If you are an active client of MMG and would like to discuss your new enhanced strategy, please call/email your account manager or simply email us at