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Qualified Conversions

Children First Foster Family Agency is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 1999 that helps place children in safe and dependable foster homes that provide a nurturing and consistent environment for them to grow and develop. They also focus on developing and screening foster families for placement. They give kids in the foster system their best chance to succeed. It’s a cause we believe in at MMG.

By careful management of web presence, MediaBeast Marketing Group was able to increase traffic by almost 30% from 2019 to 2020.

But that’s only part of the story.

Google Grant

With nonprofits, the Google Grant program is the name of the game. And the Google Grant program requires careful attention and constant management. Google awards higher rates of spend to clients that actively manage and optimize their Google Grant campaigns. This means that your agency has a better chance to reach qualified applicants and contacts. 

It’s about being attentive and diligent. It’s about treating the campaign with the concern and care that your nonprofit has for your cause. 

We do a good job, so you can do good work.
That’s the MMG difference. 

Google Search

When it comes to visibility (how often you are shown to potential website visitors in paid search results), there are a lot of moving pieces. But the details and the data don’t lie. When you show the ads to more people, more often, from more searches, you are going to find the audience you are looking for with Search Engine Marketing. 

Each of the last two years, we’ve raised the number of impressions and clicks on the Google Ads campaigns for Children First FFA. And we haven’t just raised them, we’ve blown the previous year clean out of the water. 

Due to this increase, conversions from Google Ads went up by
150% from year to year.

Organic Traffic

The most important metric isn’t whether or not a visitor came to the site, but whether or not they took an action to reach out to your business. These are called conversions for Paid Traffic and goal completions for Organic Traffic. MMG was able to increase the number of goal completions on the Children First FFA  website by 400%.

Not just traffic, better traffic. That’s the MMG difference. 


The critical metric to getting more clients and contacts from Organic Search is keywords. When you choose them carefully, code the website properly, and use white-hat, honest tactics to drive your website traffic, you leave your competition in the dust. 

Most of the clicks from a search come from page one (the top 10 results) of an organic search. That means you are up against link aggregators, competitors, and even other directories. Again, the critical metric is diligence and consistent monitoring. For Children First, we were able to take them from the bottom of the rank order to almost averaging a top 10 for over 100 carefully-selected keywords. The ranks keep improving and the lists keep growing.

Consistent attention, coupled with professionalism and attention to detail.
That’s the MMG difference.