In order to let advertisers use more of their first-party data to plan and buy TV ads, Samsung Ads has launched the Samsung Onboarding Partner Program, thanks to partnerships with data management providers, starting the first quarter of 2022.

The program gives advertisers access to their curated audiences from data management platforms including Acxiom, Adobe, Experian, LiveRamp, Merkle and Oracle. The manufacturer said more partners will be announced come 2022. Those using the program will also get access to Samsung’s predictive planning tool—Audience Advisor—launched in September 2021, which offers guidance based on advertisers’ own audience segments as well as Samsung Ads’ proprietary first-party TV data.

“The Samsung Onboarding Partner Program represents Samsung’s commitment to give advertisers the ability to plan and activate TV campaigns leveraging their own curated audiences,” Justin Evans, global head of analytics and insights for Samsung Ads, told Adweek. “We want to give advertisers a greater return on their data investments by enabling them to use that in streaming television.”

Connected TV is predicted to accrue nearly $14.44 billion by the end of 2021, which is 59.9% more than 2020, eMarketer forecasts. Ad spending for CTV will more than double by 2025, reaching past $30 billion. The CTV giant’s extension to its capabilities hopes to give advertisers the shove they need to spend more ad dollars in environments where viewership is growing—and in privacy-preserving ways.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Data)

Samsung Ad’s Audience Advisor debuted September 2021 to give marketers the capability to predict and plan TV campaigns based on the collection of first and third-party data for ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD).

The tool measures audience behavior such as content preferences, daypart and app usage. According to Evans, 60% of audiences’ time spent on Samsung Smart TV—of which there are 57 million in the U.S.—is spent in streaming. He added that 70% of audiences are using AVOD services.

Integrations with Onboarding Partner Program and Audience Advisor will be made available through the Samsung Ads demand-side platform in the first half of 2022.

“We’ve had success activating advertiser first-party data on the Samsung Ads platform and rely on partners like Samsung to create turnkey integrations like their Onboarding Partner Program,” said Molly Lashner, Media Hub’s associate media director, in a statement. “This allows us to gain greater insights into streaming TV audiences and make our CTV campaigns even more powerful.”

At this early stage, campaigns perform better when they use advertiser first-party data. In an analysis of hundreds of executed campaigns from this year by Samsung, it found 161% higher conversion rates in campaigns that used first-party data compared to campaigns that did not. With an entertainment client, Audience Advisor identified and targeted audiences who hadn’t used the client’s product for some time. The tool found this led to over a 300% lift in conversion compared to audiences who were not exposed to the ad within the target segment.

“We think that advertisers are starting to choose partners based on proprietary insights in data that the partner can offer to the relationship,” said Evans. “We are seeing and expecting more advertisers to lean into the partnership with us because they’re attracted to the differentiated data and insights that we provide.”