Ad creative is still the most important driver of campaign effectiveness.

According to a recent Google Retail Survey (2020), 51% of U.S. shoppers research new brands before buying from them to make sure their products are relevant to their lifestyles.  That’s why it’s important for brands to not only appear in those searches, but to create real value that is meaningful and distinct. Immersive creative on video and Search can help build awareness and differentiate your brand with shoppers across Google.

Measuring Brand Metrics

To raise awareness and visibility correctly, create campaigns using well defined brand awareness & reach goals. Then measure success by monitoring the right metrics:


How many customers actually saw or heard your ad?   You can prioritize, pace and even cap impression goals with most cost-per thousand impressions campaigns.

Reach and Frequency

“Reach” is the number of visitors exposed to an ad in a display or video campaign.   “Frequency” is the average number of times a visitor was exposed to an ad over a period of time.

Brand Lift

Brand lift studies use surveys to measure a viewer’s reaction to the content, message, or product in your video ads.

If TV is a part of your strategy, you can extend your TV campaigns online with affinity targeting and connected TV. Reach Planner, which uses Nielsen TV data, can help you find and reach audiences while moving away from tradition