Digital Marketing | The VR Revolution

Digital Marketing | This release comes amidst a dramatic rise in public fascination with virtual reality technology. Global search interest in “virtual reality” has increased 300 percent over the past year and reached a new all-time high in June 2016. Additionally, an increasing body of research indicates that 360 virtual reality content increases engagement, interactions, views, shares, subscriptions, time on page and empathy. Search engines can interpret these as signals of quality content, which, as you may already know, can be critical for rankings.

Quality content is kind of the whole point of good virtual reality. When executed properly, 360 virtual reality videos and images provide users with a sense of “presence” or the feeling they are “somewhere else.”

The idea of “presence” is near and dear to Google, as co-founder and Alphabet CEO Larry Page considered focusing on telepresence in college instead of search. Rather than being its own product internally at Google, virtual reality is more of an interdepartmental concept that every product manager is encouraged to explore and understand. Google employees working on Search, StreetView, YouTube, Geo, Maps, Android and other things are also working on virtual reality-related projects.

Because Google believes in the potential for 360-degree virtual reality media to be a “transformative technology,” it has heavily invested in virtual reality. With its current fleet of hundreds of cars, trolleys, trikes, snowmobilessubmarines and backpacks dedicated to capturing panoramic imagery for Google Street View, perhaps no company on earth has as much experience capturing 360-degree media as Google.

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Written by The MediaBeast