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Facebook | New enhancements make it easier to estimate Facebook Ad results and find more data on how you are reaching specific audiences. One of the issues plaguing Facebook Ads’ system over the years has been the struggle associated with mining data and insight from the platform. Facebook has continued to enhance their system, launching an …

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Social Media Marketing | Facebook’s latest feature lets you share your current location with your friends in real time. While Messenger did have location-sharing before, your friend would only be able to see an assigned location on a map. This updated feature share’s your location in real time, so friends can pinpoint where you are even …

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10 easy steps to help your business flourish on Facebook If your business isn’t making itself visible on Facebook, then you’re missing out on one of the most cost-effective places to meet new customers. Everyone is aware of the popularity of Facebook, but not as many people appreciate the opportunities available to businesses that develop …

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SEM Agency | The Future Of Ad Targeting SEM Agency | Let’s throw privacy and rights to use aside for a moment, put on our tinfoil hats and have some fun. Based on Google’s current products and acquisitions, here are five good and five evil targeting techniques that could one day be coming to an AdWords dashboard near …

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Digital Marketing | The VR Revolution Digital Marketing | This release comes amidst a dramatic rise in public fascination with virtual reality technology. Global search interest in “virtual reality” has increased 300 percent over the past year and reached a new all-time high in June 2016. Additionally, an increasing body of research indicates that 360 virtual reality content increases engagement, interactions, views, shares, subscriptions, time …

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