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SEM Agency | The Future Of Ad Targeting SEM Agency | Let’s throw privacy and rights to use aside for a moment, put on our tinfoil hats and have some fun. Based on Google’s current products and acquisitions, here are five good and five evil targeting techniques that could one day be coming to an AdWords dashboard near …

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Digital Marketing | The VR Revolution Digital Marketing | This release comes amidst a dramatic rise in public fascination with virtual reality technology. Global search interest in “virtual reality” has increased 300 percent over the past year and reached a new all-time high in June 2016. Additionally, an increasing body of research indicates that 360 virtual reality content increases engagement, interactions, views, shares, subscriptions, time …

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Social Media Marketing | Obama & Twitter Social Media Marketing | Having the leader of the free world is a pretty nice coup for social media, but have you ever wondered what happens to @POTUS once the curtain comes down on Barack Obama’s presidency? With Election Day just a week away, either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be confirmed as the …

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SEO Agency | Google’s Home Assistant SEO Agency | Think of the new Google Home assistant as a voice-only search engine. You ask it questions by voice; it gives back answers by voice. If you’re a search marketer, that immediately raises a big concern: How do I get traffic and visitors from this thing, if they can’t click to me? Turns out, …

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mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing | Mobile Marketing | Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed that its now helps millions of people around the world access the internet. On Wednesday, Nov. 2 Facebook announced its third quarter financial results and Zuckerberg also took the opportunity to reveal the company’s efforts in bringing affordable internet access to less-developed countries. Zuckerberg also laid down the company’s plans …

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